Grow with Your Child aims to provide help with navigating the obstacles of parenting including child development, early learning, education choices, and mental health.

“Ask Miss Siara” is a subscription-based Question and Answer (Q&A) service priced at $10/mo. When you subscribe you can ask us questions about child development, education, and/or mental health. We will respond within 2-4 business hours. Business hours are 8 am to 10 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), 7 days a week. We promise to respond to messages sent outside of business hours as soon as they are seen.

Why Trust Grow with Your Child?

I have a well-rounded formal education & experience working with children.
**Associates degree in Early Childhood Education
**Bachelor’s degree in Child Development
**Currently pursuing Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development

My resume includes almost a decade of paid experience with children of all ages and ability levels. I’ve worked in private schools, public schools, and in homes.

Most importantly, I only want whats best for a child so they can grow up to be happy and healthy adults who give back to their community.  

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with scholarly, accurate information that is pertinent to your lifestyle and family dynamic.