Welcome to our Subscription Service!

Need help?  Could use some advice on your kids or managing your day?  Look no further – I can help.  Out ‘Ask Miss Siara’ service is designed with you in mind.  For just a $10 per month subscription (you can cancel at any time) I’m available to help with ANY questions you may have.

Ask Miss Siara Subscription Service

For $10/mo, you may message me any time of day or night with your questions about child development, education, and/or mental health. You will have an answer within 2 to 4 hours of submitting your question during business hours. If you message me outside of business hours I promise to respond as soon as I see it.


Topics can include infant development, child/pre-teen/teen development, mental health of children and adults, early learning practices, how to choose a preschool, how to choose what type of schooling you should do with your child, early intervention question, Is This Normal? questions, and much more! Ask Miss Siara is a judgment-free place where you can openly and honestly talk about your parenting style and practices without fear of being shamed. I aim to be an agent of change for parents and children; to help them move forward and improve their lives how they desire.

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