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Bipolar Disorder – Pediatric

Important information about bipolar disorder spectrum, and how it presents itself in children specifically

Bipolar Disorder (BD) is considered a lifetime mood disorder affecting over 1% of all people. This means approx. 70 million people across the world living with Bipolar Disorder. More than half of adults diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder has their first “break” as a teenager or young adult. When Bipolar disorder is present during childhood (also known as Pediatric Bipolar Disorder) the mood swings are more intense, continual, and present differently than in adults. Episodes of Psychosis are present in 60% of children and teens with Bipolar Disorder. Auditory hallucinations are most commonly reported by the youth and their parents. There has been 40-fold increase in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder diagnoses in just 20 years.