Grow with Your Child

Child-lead Learning

“We’ll make a fire in the sandpit [to] make bread, porridge, roast, [and] marshmallows. Some people do say`ahh, little people and fire?’ But to us, that’s all part of learning,” Ms. McQuilter says.” This excerpt came from the book Letting children lead the learning (2010).

Ms. McQuilter makes a wonderful point about children and fire. Letting children safely experience fire is part of learning about fire safety, the dangers of fire, and the science of fire.

Traditional schooling methods require children to sit down, quiet and still, for a pre-determined amount of time listening to a lesson plan with some visual ques for further application. However, children learn better when allowed to interact with their environment & learn about their environment.

Age-appropriate exploration about topics that interest a child will result in a more impactful lesson.