Grow with Your Child

High-Quality Parenting Tips

High-quality parenting includes parental monitoring, consistency of boundaries and discipline, warmth in responsiveness, cognitive involvement, & predictability of behavior. These traits provide a child with a healthy emotional environment necessary for optimal development. It’s important to create an environment that’s predictable, safe, and nurturing where the child feels comfortable. This is vital for proper development across all domains.

The most effective ways to aid your child’s development is to engage in simple, daily activities which provide new experiences and opportunities to learn. Human Development Specialist Diane Bales suggests that parents talk, sing, laugh and play with their young child. Read, play with toys of different textures, and engage in affectionate touches. Make eye contact when interacting with your child. Cuddle, use gentle voices, and hold him/her.

There are biological reasons these simple practices help a child grow. When parents provide eye contact during interaction & are gently and positively responsive to their child it further strengthens the bond between parent and child. This creates a secure attachment which is necessary for a child to feel comfortable exploring his/her environment away from their parents. Each new experience provides the child with new information to attain and process about their environment which strengthens their cognitive skills. Reading and talking to your child helps him/her learn the structure and grammar usage of their native language.