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Screen Time

There is much debate about how much screen time is enough and how much is too much for kids. The answer is: there isn’t one answer for all kids. Every kid is different. My oldest daughter (3 years old) will watch television for 30 mins then run outside to play for 2 hours. My second daughter (1-year-old) doesn’t really care for television. She has one show that she really likes but other than that she would rather be playing with toys. Therefore, in my house, television stays on pretty much all day and acts as background noise during our daily activities.

How to Decide Screen Time Limits – Think about your child’s personality. Is s/he stuck on the tv when watching? Is s/he just passively watching it while doing other things? This will help you determine how much screen time your child should have each day or if you even need to limit their screen time.

Is my Child Watching Educational TV? – I know it sounds cliche but if you encourage educational tv you’ll be shocked how fast your child’s vocabulary grows! My daughters particularly like Super Why! & Leapfrog for phonics.

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