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Self-care is simple yet many people struggle with it. Self-care is defined as taking care of oneself. Simple enough, right? Self-care includes personal hygiene, oral hygiene, mental health, and socio-emotional health. Examples include taking a shower, brushing your teeth, exercise, having a hobby to partake in during leisure time, having leisure time, and more. Ideas for […]

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Early Intervention

(Image from On Both Fronts) The American Academy of Child & Adoescent Psychiatry (2011) wrote an article discussing the cost effectiveness of prevention and early interventions programs for mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. They found that the US spent $247 billion in health and health service, lost productivity, and crime costs. A little more than […]

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Date Night!

Date night is important for all couples. But I find it especially important for couples with young children. Toddlers need their mother’s attention an average of every 4 mins. That’s a lot of time spent attending to one child! Therefore, date night provides Mom and Dad some time to just be adults and do adult things. […]

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(Imagine fromHuffington Post article on breastfeeding) Breastfeeding is natural. It’s what our breasts are intended to do. Their primary purpose on our body is to supply nutrients for our tiny offspring. So why is breastfeeding such a controversial topic? Because of social norms; but we won’t get in to that in this post. This post […]

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(Image from DARE) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (2017) notes that there isn’t an agreed-upon definition for bullying. Instead, “[bullying] is understood as a form of aggressive behavior that is intentional, involves an imbalance of power, and is repeated over time. From the point of view of the victim, bullying is defined as repeated […]

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