Grow with Your Child

Teen Motherhood & Child Development

Teen pregnancy is a generational cycle until someone stops it. Research has concluded that Teen Mothers are at greater risk for stress and depression directly related to social isolation. Add on top the typical teenage hormonal issues that are present with puberty, and combined with PostPartum Depression after having the baby. This comorbidity can result in the Teen Mother feeling depressed, alone, scared and confused. There are many resources to help aid the Teen Mother and her child back on a healthy developmental track. There are also many many resources to help the Teen Mom and her baby thrive.

A child’s developmental foundation is made with their home, school, and anywhere they spend the majority of the time. There are important factors which influence a child’s development. The factors include where they live, the household income total, home environment, education, and relationships with family, friends, and community members. When these factors are varied development is impacted differently.

Think of Child Development in terms on Newton’s First Law of Motion ( I know, I know, “whaaaaat???). An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. Positive child development will continually lead to positive results unless something traumatic happens. Negative child development will continue down a maladaptive path unless acted on by an outside force to break the cycle and “turn over a new leaf” so the speak.