“Siara has been very helpful and comforting to me through a hard and confusing time. I first was put in contact with her through a friend, after I was struggling with mental health issues, and was very lost as to what I was. The last few months have been clearer after having conversations with Siara. I’m very grateful to have her to talk to.” ~ June 2018

Rhianon Smith
“I was a first time mom, coming off of a miscarriage, and I had no baby experience what so ever, both my fiance and I consider her worth every penny for the peace of mind, and for the support that I got through every step of my pregnancy and beyond. Thanks to Siara’s help, I feel so much more confident in my instincts as a mother, and I see the benefits in my daughter every day. I 100% recommend her to anyone who feels lost in the seas of motherhood, especially those who battle disorders or who are starting from zero like me. Thank you for everything, I would have been a wreck without her. ” ~ June 2018

Rachel Boone
“Siara is absolutely wonderful! My almost three year old was nonverbal. We had tried speech therapy twice a week, talked with his Dr, did a hearing test thinking his hearing might have been affecting his speech. Nothing was working. Siara gave me the tools I needed to help my non-verbal, extremely introverted two year old, blossom into a social chatter box!” June 2018